Friday, 16 May 2014

2 weeks in: diapering baby moss.

Like my oldest, baby moss is a heavy wetter.  And my mama moss diapers hold up.  Like his oldest sister though he needs a diaper cover full time.   That's a little sad cuz it covers the super cute cloth.  however I am very happy with the wool.  I made wool covers in a wrap style and for myself I made some pull on ones out of upcycled sweaters.   Cuteness-wise I like the sweater ones.  Function-wise the wrap ones are so much easier to change.  

So I am happy with using my own cloth diapers, what about washing? Well I was going to the laundry mat. Then daddy moss got a breach of probation (yeah we are not a middle class family, we are a low income Native family with matching problems) . So money us even tighter then usual so I'm hand washing and hanging to dry. My method? a good grape stomping in my bathtub. Works wonderful. Read about it online somewhere months ago. First time I used to much water and detergent which took forever rinsing but I got it down pat now. Also I rinse in cool water and vinegar. I hang to dry on the fire escape.

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