Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Wool longies

Made and sold some wool longies this week. 
I use the Katrina's patterns.   Just Google "Katrina's soakers wool longies ".  It's an easy pattern amf it works well on upcycled sweaters.  The arms make good legs and come with cuffs.  The waist makes a good waist band.  Find a wool turtleneck and you have the perfect waist.  I alter patterns for specific sizings.  Made some wool applique for them also.   I stabalized which was necessary cuz wool stretched.  I'll be making some for my baby too.  Just gotta wait till the mission gets more wool sweaters. 

Friday, 1 August 2014


Love it!  Absorbency is the same as my other diapers.  It lasts 2 hours easy.  It survived through a 4 hour period when Baby Moss had aa 4 hour nap during a growth spurt.  The "T" shape fleece works great as a water repellent layer.  And I've been very happy.  So glad I re-positioned the Velcro tabs.  Much better fit. 

Down side? We had some ebf poo leaks in angel fold but when I Jelly rolled we had no ebf poo leaks. Jelly roll is designed for catching poo and preventing leaks.  And Baby Moss poops about 4-5 times a day.  Daddy Moss loves the H-FLP and big sisters think they are adorable.   I made some with T-shirt liters which even won approval from 6 and 12 year old brother, who could generally care less about diapers lol.  So an all around win. 

^^jelly rolled^^