Friday, 1 August 2014


Love it!  Absorbency is the same as my other diapers.  It lasts 2 hours easy.  It survived through a 4 hour period when Baby Moss had aa 4 hour nap during a growth spurt.  The "T" shape fleece works great as a water repellent layer.  And I've been very happy.  So glad I re-positioned the Velcro tabs.  Much better fit. 

Down side? We had some ebf poo leaks in angel fold but when I Jelly rolled we had no ebf poo leaks. Jelly roll is designed for catching poo and preventing leaks.  And Baby Moss poops about 4-5 times a day.  Daddy Moss loves the H-FLP and big sisters think they are adorable.   I made some with T-shirt liters which even won approval from 6 and 12 year old brother, who could generally care less about diapers lol.  So an all around win. 

^^jelly rolled^^