Tuesday, 15 July 2014


So if you saw my last 4 posts (part 1-4 tutorial) you'll know I got to experimenting again and made a prefold diaper with a fitted leg that's also a hybrid style (water repellent). It's been on my mind since someone thought I was making water repellent prefolds cuz I decided to call my prefolds "prefold hybrids" meaning it was a hybrid of two diaper styles (prefold and fitted). So to avoid confusion I'm calling them "fitted leg prefolds" or "FLP's" and now I've created their cousin the "hybrid fitted leg prefold" or "H-FLP's".  I've also moved the Velcro tabs so they fit better when baby is a lil bigger (now that my baby is a little bigger at almost 3 months lol). Things you learn as you use something.  I am also preparing to make my next size diaper so I need to test out my new idea to see if I like them and want a few in the mix. 

Because prefolds get folded, I couldn't just cut a rectangular piece of polar fleece otherwise when folded the water repellent layer would be in front of the absorbent layers.  So after some thought I created a T shaped fleece layer

This way when you Angel fold or Jelly roll fold (which is what I do), the fleece isn't in the way. The fleece goes across the back of the bum and up threw the core. I've got just one made (life with a young baby), and 3 prepped. Last nights H-FLP was tested today but baby Moss pooped in it so water repellency wasn't tested lol.

The leg fit very well so I am happy with that and the shift in the Velcro tab fixed my tummy fit issue. Also the previous Velcro placement on my FLP's ment they sometimes touched baby Moss's skin. I have 2 potential concerns to test on this new invention of mine.
•1. Will there be wicking at the leg? I will know and post once the other 3 diapers are made.
•2. Laundry: Making a hybrid means using a synthetic material. Now polar fleece does wash well compared to other synthetic fabrics. In fact I rated it high on my fabrics post. But can it stand up in a hand washing routine? Well I'll need to test almost daily for a month to know and I will of course post those results. I'm pretty excited to see how it all works out :)