Tuesday, 15 July 2014


8. •Set machine to zigzag or diamond stitch. 
•stitch around entire boarder of fabric.
9. • At top inside corner of fabric (for H-FLP this is at the top of the T on the all cotton side) place the 1in Velcro loop and the 2in Velcro hoop. Sew to diaper with hook tab hanging over<br>
•repeat on other side.

• sew 2 in loop piece to back of one of the hook side tabs. This allows for overlap on a small waist.
• sew long loop piece of Velcro to outside bottom of diaper in the center. (For H-FLP this is the stem of the T on the flannel-fleece side. And That's All Folks :) Below is pics of folding in angel fold. To size down amf fit under belly button of newborn just fold down back edge and wing out the tabs.

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