Friday, 4 April 2014


This post will primarily have links to other posts about caring for and using your cloth diapers.   Although this post is for all cloth moms, I am designing it as an on-line care manual of sorts for people using my cloth diapers. 

Remember to prep your prefolds before use.  Also remember to lanolize wool before use.  Details in links below.

1.  IS YOUR BRAND NEW DIAPER LEAKING?  When you purchase / receive your prefold diapers they need to be prepped before use for maximum absorbency. This post discusses why and how.
2. HOW TO FOLD A PREFOLD: *This was created in the early development phase and shows a night wrap(instead of the wool wrap) that didn't make it past the prototype phase, how to do the folds is the same though and the tutorials do use my prefold hybrid. I'll update it soon though.
Part 1, trifold
Part 2, angel fold & poop catcher
Part 3, jelly roll
Part 4, open leg fold
These 4 tutorials walk you through some basic prefold diaper techniques on my own Mama Moss Prefold Hybrid.  Try them out a few times and discover this simple talent. 
3. LAUNDRY,  LAUNDRY,  LAUNDRY: This laundry posts covers some cloth laundry basics all cloth parents need to know, a better outlook on doing laundry, and some alternatives such as home made laundry detergent and boiling laundry by hand. 
4.  DIAPER PAILS AND WET BAGS: All about how to store those used cloth diapers for laundry day, tips included. 
5.  POOP GOES IN THE TOILET:  What to do with poopy diapers, you might be surprised to know the instructions for disposables is the same
6.  WHY DIAPERS SHOULD BE CHANGED OFTEN:  This post covers how often diapers should be changed and why It's important even when a diaper "feels" dry. 
7.  DIAPER RASH AND CLOTH DIAPERS:  We as cloth mama's might not see rash very often but it does happen.  Read about why, how and what to do. 
8. WASHING WOOL.  this post will instruct you on how to wash and care for your wool covers.  Its easy and takes very little work.  You will need some Lanolin and wool wash (not woolite)

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