Sunday, 6 April 2014

Wonderous Wool Covers

I've been sewing woolies and really enjoying it (I'll get to all I made in a min).  If you've read some of my other posts you will know I love wool, never been able to financialy afford wool and was a little nervous about it.

But life insisted I not give up on wooly diireams.  So then I had a chance for my products to go into a local baby market.  I jumped at the chance and got some wool for wool diaper covers.   I also made a tutorial on wool care.  Best thing about sewing wool for others though is the left overs are for me to srw for my own baby and see what I like best first lol. 

I Made Longies: And are they not so cute? Be making some for ourselves (I mean our baby lol). I finished the cuff so it can be turned up or down to adjust leg size. And I put button hole elastic in the back of the waist. I think Id like to get some snaps and make the sides open up. I'll work on that soon. I used the Katrina's pattern of the internet for free. Skirties: So adorable right? But I'm having a boy so these are just for sale. they have a button hole waist and Id like to try the side snaps on these also. the soaker pattern for the soaker (that the skirt is attached to), is also Katrina's pattern. (I will make these links when I can). And of course I made wool wraps. And they have a double gusset leg, cuz double gusset legs just rock at leak protection. Why I like a wrap over a soaker is if there is a poopy diaper I prefer to open rather then pull. (its why I want to create some longies ad skirties with side snaps.

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