Wednesday, 2 April 2014


So I finally got the wool for mye diaper wraps (yay). And made my first wrap and cut the others. However I couldn't find a pattern or instructions for a double gusset (just singles). So I figured it out myself and am sharing for others.  The wool I got is 100% wool, 10% of which is cashmere (Oh so so soft).   The wrap is one layer plus a second in the wet zone. I used braided elastic in the back, and the gussests.?  I used Velcro to fasten (you can change to snaps if you like).  I edged some in bias and some in grograin ribbon. 

Here is a pic of the first one (the tutorial is me making #2)

Here is a diagram of the pattern (so you can clearly see measurements (the main piece is half a diaper and needs to be cut on the fold ) The pattern will fit on a piece of fabric that is 19 5/8 inch by 17 4/8 inch. fold over part way so main piece fits on folded over material along with the gusset. place pieces as shown. The dots on the pattern show where the points where elastic is sewn too. using these dots, mark your fabric. You will need to cut the following pieces of elastic: • 1 back waist 7 3/8 inch • 2 gusset A 5 2/8 inch • 2 gusset B 5 inch. place core in wet zone and sew near edge. Set your sewing machine for longest stitch and sew on elastic to back waist and gusset A (each leg). Stretch elastic out evenly as you sew. Sew right near edge. With right sides together zigzag stitch curved edge of gusset B to gusset A (stretching gusset A to fit). Gusset B will extend about 1/2 inch beyond gusset A. Turn over and run straight stitch along outside of elastic. repeat on other side. Zigzag stitch elastic to straight edge of gusset B, stretching evenly. Add the trim such as Bias tape (beginning seamstresses should use this) all around the outside edge.
Cut an 11cm and a 4cm piece of Velcro. Attach (straight stitch) the 11cm piece if loop to the outside front center. Then attach the 4cm piece of loop to the outside back corner. Cut the 11cm piece of hook in half and sew to both inside back corners. Discard the 4cm piece if hook. And your done :)

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