Thursday, 17 April 2014

In The Last Days Of Pregnancy

I will be 40 weeks on Sunday.  I have been focusing on being ready for baby.  My mama moss diapers are all sewn and ready for sale but my own baby's sewing was not done. 

I was getting anxious to have baby as im tired of pregnancy lol.   However like my diapering preferences my birthing preferences are also natural so im waiting for nature to decide It's time for labour.   And term is 37-42 weeks so really it could be tommorow or in two weeks, but any day. 

I rested a few days.  Spent a few days walking.  Then I decided I needed to finish all the last minute stuff that wasn't finished. It was quite the list:
• laundry
• household chores
•minor organizing
• few baby items to be purchased
•postpartum mom items
•labour and post birth food
•easter stuff for kids this weekend
•my baby's moss bag needed straps and trim

All of this is now complete. However my baby's quilt is not finished. I've done some in between all the chores etc. Now its just the quilt. I have this feeling labour won't happen till the quilt is done. No fear there, I'm a fast seamstress. Fabric is my canvas and it just comes out. I should be done Saturday at the latest. I have a pic of where I'm at. (got a bit more done since this pic, not much). I am almost done the applique on the horses and lighting. Next I will be highlighting the grey strips with silver. Then I need to pin the layers and quilt them. The final step will be the blanket binding which I will be making from a cotton I picked to complement the horse fabrics. I will post the quilt when done. So if you dont see many posts I. the next few days; well im sewing and hopefully birthing and thhere will be the occasionally update. Soon we will be using these diapers I've designed for the little guy and it will all be shared here :)

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