Friday, 4 April 2014


Well now that I finally have hadl success in buying and sewing wool covers I guess it would be wise to discuss wool care so these wool wrap style covers work.  Really its pretty simple, and I got to spend the day with a friend learning so I can share here, and use on my own wool covers.  Im very excited cuz (as I've mentioned) I really wanted wool. 

Ok here's how simple:

Washing And Lanolizing:
One of the cool things about wool is that the lanolin neutralizes urine and so they dont need to be washed all the time, just dried out and the lanolin cleans them up in the process.   That's a good thing for sheep cuz I imagine being as fluffy as sheep are they get their own urine on themselves. 

So when it is time to wash the covers fill a wash container with lukewarm water.  Add wool wash it baby shampoo.  Push wool into water until submerged.  let soak 20 minutes. Gently spot rub soiled areas. Rinse and set aside. 

Put a pea sized amount of lanolin in a container with a squirt of wash and very hot water.  Close lid.  Shake until it's emulsified.  *lanolish for nipples is most often advised and so it's what I bought.*

Put 1 1/4 inch hot water into your wash container.  Add lonolin mixture.  Add coomld water until water is a lukewarm temperature.  Add cleaned wool and soak 15 min on each side.  When done take out wrap and poor water through it.  Squeeze out water (don't wring it).  You can roll wool up in a towel and squeeze out water / moisture.   Add pressure to towel (you can walk on it).  Lay flat to dry. 

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