Friday, 14 March 2014

100% NATURAL PLUNGE - A Change In Direction As My Journey Continues

I have finished the diapers for my  baby #6, finishing the liners is next.  I have also been finializing details for making diapers,  liners and covers to sell.  And in doing so I've once again contemplated wool covers.  This will require a slight change in direction, so my cloth journey continues. 

I've been struggling to decide on PUL or taffeta covers.  They work, dont get me wrong, I've used them all this time.  However they aren't natural.   And this weighs on me (thanks mom lol).  My biggest issue against using wool is cost.  Not just for my personal use but selling also.  Selling a product that would be to expensive for most people to purchase is not an acceptable option for me on a socially conscious level.  Being poor helps to make one (me) feel this way too.

So I have been researching and thinking and writing out my thoughts (little bit of talking to myself also lol).  And I think I can do this at a reasonable price.  I can't be 100% in that till my mom and I go to fabricland and see what our local cost would be, but based on prices on the internet, it should be possible.  

I want to be able to buy fabric at a local retailer because it means less transportation of the fabric (environment), and it comes home right away which gets me sewing faster so products for people are ready sooner.  And with the Great Baby Market being my big retail debut, well time is of the essence.  

Here is some of my thought process too.   The average price of a diaper cover is $10 (give or take).  I would like to be able to make a wool cover I can sell for about  $15, and still make a small profit.  I think that's a reasonable goal.  Yes a bit more then a PUL cover, but not outrageously so. 

So how does this equate to a change in direction when I haven't event started making covers due to my internal conflict? 

Well fleece night wraps would be redundant and bulky under a wool cover.  And if I'm going to go 100% natural I must give up the fleece night wraps.  Dont get me wrong, I still like my idea of how to use fleece in a way that works with my cloth diapering sensibilities.  But it is what it is.  And hey; if moms at home want to whip up some for their  babies, well that's awesome!  In some ways its sad to say goodbye to an idea I am fond of.  But I will if needed. 

Will I replace my night wrap with a different night time option?  Yes of course.  If this is the root I go, I will for sure.  What I will do is make a night time doubler (thicker liner) using the batting as a core between flannel.  Made one today to test it out.   Next will be deciding how to make it easily  identifiable from the regular liners. 

This is also going to require some updates to current blog posts.  But that's ok. 

One huge benefit is marketability.   100% natural diapering.   Yes cloth diapering is environmental but it's not always 100% natural when cloth moms (like myself) are commonly using one or several non natural fabrics. 

Now it's time for the journey to continue and discover where it takes me. 

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