Tuesday, 25 March 2014

BUSY SEWING - Prep for Great Baby Market in Kingston ON

As the title says, I've been sewing.   I tend to assembly line sew. Which means at this point I have completed diapers in 5 of the 9 prints I bought.  I haven't done the logos yet.  I'll do that all at once.  Today I have an additional idea which I am working on. Pics as soon as completed. 

Link to great baby market.

Whats in the final edition of the Mama Moss Diaper? Well first it is a prefold hybrid of my own design (after a few prototypes) . You can see opened up it looks like a prefold except the gathering at the legs and the Velcro. It dries quick and washes well. It also gets folded up like a prefold. Here I've folded in Angel Fold. Jelly Roll with a poop catcher (I have blog posts on different folds) When you fold up with a poop catcher just wing out the Velcro tabs. There is an extra piece of loop Velcro so the diaper can be done up tighter for smaller babies. Looking at the Velcro tabs; there is an extra piece of loop beside the hook for laundry tabs. In the pic below one side is done up on the laundry tab and one side left open. Then when the diaper is all done up it fits like a fitted diaper thanks to the elastic in the legs The final construction of my diaper is 2/4/2. The diaper's exterior is cotton flannel and the interior is cotton flannel and cotton needled batting (unbleached).

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