Sunday, 2 March 2014

HOW TO FOLD A PREFOLD PART 3 -Jelly Roll Fold- with my prefold hybrid diapers

In this tutorial we will cover the Jelly Roll Fold.  This is a popular fold during the first 6 months while Baby is exclusively breastfed.  Breast milk only poop is runny!  This fold catches it.  You can of course add in the poop catcher variation, although I wont re-show it.  The Jelly is similar to the Angel design wise.  It does not have the extra layers in the centre, or at the front.  Liners can add the same absorbency if you feel the poop barrier of the Jelly to be needed.   <br>

1. Lay diaper open on cover. 2. Roll each side in till you reach the core. Flare out Velcro. 3. Add liner and/ or poop catcher if desired. 4. Do up diaper and cover and your done!

See these are pretty simple aren't they? A little practice and you'll feel like an expert. Next and last fold tutorial will be the Open Leg Fold.

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