Sunday, 2 March 2014

HOW TO FOLD A PREFOLD TUTORIAL PART 2 - Angel Fold & Poop Catcher - Using my prefold hybrid.

In the second part of this Tutorial I will be showing you the Angel Fold and a variation called the "poop catcher".  These are my go-to folds.  I find the angel fold simple and it works great.  The fold puts extra material in the wet zone, especially for boys.  The "poop catcher" does as the name suggests and is a great way to size down a prefold for a smaller baby.  Interesting note; what I had always been told was a Newspaper fold, is actually an Angel Fold.  Im not concerned about that, its the skill, not the name that's important.  The 2 folds are actually very similar.  <br>

Pic of diaper in finished angel fold

In these pics I will be placing my night wrap as I would for night time, or as I would if it were a diaper cover. Just picture it as the cover. 1. Place diaper on cover and fold one side over on an angle, leaving Velcro winged out. 2. Repeat on other side. 3. Put insert in centre (if needed). You can lay insert flat as shown or fold to create more layers up front for boys or in middle for girls.

Poop catcher variation Fold back down, creating a pocket to help with backside poop explosions. Or to size down for a smaller baby. 4. Close diaper folding up front and doing up Velcro. If you used the poop catcher variation, wing out back Velcro to fasten. Your done. Do up cover or wrap. See easy again. Practice and you'll be a pro. I tend to put my diapers away in angel fold with insert in place. Saves time when diapering. Next tutorial will be the Jelly Roll Fold.

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