Sunday, 2 March 2014

HOW TO FOLD A PREFOLD PART 1 -Tri-fold- using my prefold hybrids.

So if you've decided your going to start using prefolds, it is good to know a few folds.  There is no need to learn all the folds, as no single mom is likely to need all the various folds in her repitoire.  Sure someone should know them all to keep that knowledge alive.  But if your like me, and your an average mom then a few will do.  So I will create a few posts with each detailing a different fold. I will be using the prefolds I have made as having velcro and gathered legs changes a few things.  Rember I said when a mom makes changes they work for her? Well the folds I use aren't really effected by either, so they work.  If I was a mom who used the bikini twist fold, I never woulda designed these prefold hybrids or used velcro.  However I've never used it, so I am not concerned about that.  See; the diaper with the best options for you.

The Tri-Fold


The pic on the left is my flat prefold in tri_fold.  The pic on the right is my prefold hybrid (inside a diaper).

The tri-fold is used to turn a pre-fold into an insert, for extra absorbency in a diaper.  The are used in all types of dippers as a soaker layer, especially for overnight diapering.  a Tri-folded diaper is also common as the insert for a pocket diaper.  To be honest I don't see my prefolds being used as a soaker layer, they are just way thicker then needed as an insert in a regularly changed diaper (except maybe at night for a heavy wetter).  The would be great as the insert in a pocket diaper.  I'll be making 3 layer flannel inserts anyway.  So why share this?  Any cloth diaper Mom should be aware of the tri-fold because it is useful,  especially in a pinch.

Tri fold is simple:
1. lay diaper flat.
2. fold 1/3 over.
3. fold other 1/3 over.
Now you have an insert for a diaper.  When done with my hybrid, the tri-fold curves up into shape of baby.

Yes that was simple.  The other folds are simple as well.  Not fold in 1/3rds, but still very basic.  Next will be the Angel Fold.

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