Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sick Day

One of the difficult things as a Mom is getting sick.  I had a bit of a sinus cold this week.  Started feeling better then woke up today with a sinus infection.   I'm prone to these as I have an incredibly large number of allergies.  On the plus side for me, I dont have really little kids anymore, and only one who is small enough to need supervision, meals cooked etc.  Thankfully the other kids can take over for me when I get sick.  So big kids look after each other and my (current) youngest.   My boyfriend looked after me.  For moms of little wee ones, dont worry this day will come, I promise.

Should have been a relaxing day of recovery in bed.  But with the crunch on to be prepped and ready for my commercial debut on April 6th I felt like I was slacking.  Then my mom called to say our shopping day for fabrics for April 6th would be tommorow morning following my midwife appointment.  
Oh yeah, feeling the pinch.  My 13 yr old is also a great seamstress.   She has been able to sew dresses and applique since she was 10.  She helped sewing liners for her brother's diapers.  And I got some computer work done.  Also had numbers to crunch for tommorow's shopping trip.  Somehow it all came together.  

It was however a reminder of how life is about to change.  When baby is born I will have lots of help but Mom can never really take a proper sick day, especially while nursing.  So I kinda thought of today as my last sick day as a mom to big kids.   It probably was also a good thing....any idea how hard it is to get your hands on a laptop all day when you have multiple teens? Lol.  Being sick won me sympathy and they were all to happy to help.

Thankful to my family today, that's for sure.  And now, bath and bed.  Tommorow the road to taking my diapers from sewing for my baby to wahm business begins.   Good thing its just the shopping.   My mom will be pre-washing fabrics.  Hopefully Im healthy again by Tuesday.  

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