Monday, 10 March 2014


My due date for baby #6 is just 40 days away.  I'm starting to feel that drive to be ready.  It's really intense too.  To the point where it is keeping me awake at night.  I spent my day sewing yesterday (and I have more to do).  And I spent the middle of the night organizing clothes, accessories,  diapers etc. 

I don't remember the nesting feeling being so intense that I couldn't sleep....but it's been 6 years.  My memory is possibly foggy on the issue.  I am however pretty sure I got more sleep then this. 

I have been assembly line sewing the diapers.   That's working well.  Next its liners.  At some point I also need to attach the strap to the moss bag and finish baby's quilt. Here is a pic of my the diapers I have finished. I'm close to done. 

In my organizing I have a basket of clothes ( shirts & sweaters, pants, leg warmers, diaper shirts). I need socks! The other basket is night time clothes (sleep sac, nightgowns), receiving blankets, face cloths along with hats and booties. Its my sleep and accessories basket. I have also been wondering what baby's first outfit would be. To indecisive so I got input from friends. Below is a photo if the winner. I have black and white stripped baby leg warmers that should arrive via mail this week. They will go with this for a complete outfit for my (expected) Easter baby.

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