Sunday, 2 March 2014

HOW TO FOLD A PREFOLD PART 4 -The Open Leg Fold- using my prefold hybrids

So this is the final prefold tutorial (I think lol).  Im going to show it on the night wrap over a finished diaper.  It can be used for diaper or night wrap (they all can).  The Open Leg Fold is beneficial in that it can give you a good snug leg.  So here we go...<br>
(shown on the night wrap)

1. So start with an open wrap. (or if using on a diaper, start with it fully opened.) 2. Fold front of wrap straight up and tuck in upper sides around baby. 3. Do up Velcro. 4. Tuck in sides smoothly around baby. This fold creates a trim but effective leg barrier for leak protection.

Well this is the end of our tutorial. I do recommend trying out the open leg fold, at least to see how you like it. Also this one is best practiced on a stuffed toy or actual baby.

I hope these posts were helpful. I also hope they eased any worries And leave you well prepared to cloth diaper with confidence.

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