Thursday, 13 March 2014

What's Inside That Diaper?!

Maybe, just maybe sewing and writing about diapers and being pregnant again is making me mildly crazy / obsessed lol.  But when I read about a diaper I want exact details. 

Ok maybe its not related to the above reasons cuz when I learn about things I tend to want all the details in general.  As a kid / teen in my school days I think it drove some teachers nuts cuz I wanted info the text books didn't offer lol. 

Back to diapers....
So when I read that something has an "absorbent core" or "water repellent layer" for example, it drives me crazy wondering what exactly that layer is. 

If you've read other posts you know I've liked Kushies diapers as they were my first.   But they do this too!  Well I have two on hand that I got for free second hand.   I've been resisting the urge to cut it open and see what the absorbent core was ... today I did it.  Im a seamstress so I can fix it and still use it.  Its needled batting like I'm using.  Well except im using natural unbleached cotton.  This is bleached.  Its a well used diaper but I think it's all cotton, not 100% sure its not a blend so dont quote me on that.  Having used them all these years and never having ammonia makes me more certain its 100% cotton.

I wonder if other mama's do this?  I kinda hope I'm not the only one. 

I wish all diapers were specific about the details.  I guess there is some worry that if they did others would copy but really, they are diapers, there is only so many styles and designs.   Some moms are gonna re-create construction to some point just be coincidence just cuz there are only so many ways to slice it. 

Know what else I wish?  I wish they were more specific about what a fabric is.  Like bamboo.  I was excited to get bamboo Terry...was able to discover through research however that natural bamboo fabrics are not so natural.  The blending is where this happens.  That's really dissapointing to me.  Glad my final version is 100% cotton fabrics with out these issues. 
Any how, just thought I'd share for curious moms like me. 

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