Friday, 7 March 2014

More Diapers and slight change in fabric

I've been sewing this weekt.  My Mom took me to fabricland and we both bought material for a few more diapers, cloth liners and breast pads. 

However, rember I ordered bamboo Terry and zorb last time? Well I can't buy that locally and my Mon said if I want to make amf sell my diapers it would be best to pick fabric I can buy locally.   Cheaper too (my mom is big on the selling them idea).  Well still have flannel, that I got locally before anyways.  But what about the core?  I honestly was unsure what I would use.  So we looked and looked and then we saw the unbleached needles cotton batting.  It's fiberous, absorbent and has some thickness too it.  so that's what I've chosen.  I've cut and been prepping these but haven't sewn yet. 

Whats the hold up?

I can't decide if I want one layer flannel and one layer batting? Or two layers batting.  Its about half the thickness of zorb (and half the absorbency)  I really keep going back and forth on this.  On the one hand I think the zorb will be more thickness then necessary.   On the other hand, I could start out thick and feel confident I made a good diaper.  And as I write this those words clear it up....feel confident I made a good diaper.

**EDIT: Been thinking about this all day. And since I dont like to waste, anything including material, I need to figure out whats needed...figuring that out will be the next post.

The needled batting is about $1 more then the zorb, but no shipping.  Using two layers batting is still less then zorb + bamboo Terry. 

I've also been doing general baby sewing.  I made a care pack for another mom (3 if my diapers, 1 night wrap, 3 flannel liners,  2 sets of breast pads, 1 shirt and leg warmers to match).  I also made a baby shirt for my baby to be.  It will go with the black amf white stripped leggings I ordered. 

And I'm exhausted.   I am at that point in pregnancy with only 6 weeks left where I am so tired and can barely sleep.  Im just uncomfortable.   I am wanting to be done and deliver lol but I still have sewing to do and 3 more weeks for baby to reach full term...patience is not my strong more sewing to help.  However I do need some sleep to sew.  Today's applique on baby shirt isn't my usual.  Daddy moss likes it, and it does have a cute cartoon / kid feel to it so I accepted it....and like I said Daddy moss is a big fan. 

Needles cotton batting. Prep work for new diapers (also in orange amd yellow, cute ennit? Cute little hard core baby Easter shirt. This is am upcycled project, made from a long sleeved adult shirt.

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