Thursday, 13 March 2014

Mama Moss's First Diapers On sale in April!!

I was writing another post today (which might end up finished tommorow now). But I was excited and want to share.  A local store called Go Green Baby. Is hosting an event April 6th for local artisans in the baby/children's category.  The even is "the Great Baby Market".  My mom has offered to put up the up front costs to prepare enough retail to sell at this event if i put up the hours to be ready for it.   I wasn't really expecting to sell any before June but I am in!  This event and my mom's offer is a chance not to be passed up.  I feel excited and nervous. Lol.  I have been contemplating how to sell my diaper products and have been thinking in bundles which would include: 4 diapers, 4 cloth liners, 1 night wrap & 1 cover.   I haven't even made a solid decision on covers.  That was to be a scouting mission at the fabric store to help decide.  At this rate it looks like PUL.  Not sure how I feel on that so decision not final.  I did however put together a diaper cover pattern with double gussets on the legs.  Lots of sewing to finish, decisions to finalize and my diaper care and use posts on this blog written and pulled together under a single posts with all needed links.   I will be putting that posts URL on the package labeling for buyers.  My dad helped me decide on enviro ways to do packaging.  

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