Friday, 21 March 2014

WOOL WOES - edit at bottom

So after much internal back and forth I decided I want wool covers so wool diaper covers I will make. 

That was supposed to be then ends of decision making and just getting down to work. 

But life didn't work that way....*sigh*

Fabricland barely got any wool this year and didn't have what I need.  Other local fabric stores also dont have any wool.  Found a store online that is in a nearby town where my parents occasionally work and they carry wool interlock.   I can't get a hold of them to make an appointment to visit their actual store.   I thought that better and faster then shipping.  However no response makes me nervous.  Do I order online anyway even though I'm in a time crunch and would need to know it was being shipped out quickly? (Mail from there to here should only take days).  My fear is that the store may no longer be in business and then I have a problem.   I can upcycle wool.  I like the idea a lot.  However it has draw backs too.  Can I get a reliable supply?, A cost efficient supply? I will need to travel to multiple stores, I dont drive so this isn't easy.  Could be a long shopping day with my dad (the king of thrift). 

So tonight I am sleepless as I contemplate my options.  When my head is full its hard to sleep.  Hopefully the answer comes soon. 

An Answer
so my dad and I went to get my 6 yr old a kite.  We poured over tonnes until we found a beautiful dragon (we really felt it should look like a kite and not Batman).  In the process there was time for much chatting....and my dad tellss me what my mom and I never knew: Nearby Perth, ON has a fabric store that carries thousands of fabric, quilt and craft supplies at great prices.   Why has he never told us before?  Cuz we never asked him.  So we will take a family trip up to Perth for the day with my parents soon.  Daddy Moss (my partner)  has never been and in my dad's world view all small towns are treasures that you must see.  

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