Sunday, 9 February 2014

AND THEY ALL WORKED PART 2: The Big Top Secret About The Very Best Cloth Diaper Ever

So perhaps you are a new mom, a mom choosing cloth for the first time or a mom replacing her diaper stash.  Either way if your searching out this info on the internet with a gazillion best ever choices your likely stressed.  Maybe you've read reviews and you now completely confused cuz they all rated extremely well and close together and you feel like you'll never understand which cloth diaper would be best. 

Let me ask you this: does choosing a disposable diaper seem as complicated?  They also have a gazillion choices that in the end are fairly similar and everyone you ask will tell you a different answer to the best disposable diaper.  Why is it less stressful? Ok if you dont like them you get a new box next week. But also; we know they work, we've seen them work most of our lives.  The only thing that will really effect a sposie diaper families decision is cost and which diaper gives their baby a rash. (That answer will vary too).

Ok I bet you want me to answer the darn question right? Well....

...THE WINNER IS....there is no winner.  Sorry and I promise its good news!! See like I keep saying (and will keep saying), if you change it, it will work.  There is no very bestest diaper ever.  There is simply the one that fits your budget (or the budget of your shower guests lol) , and had the options that most appeal to you.  Wanna know another secret, the diaper you buy and will become quickly familiar with is likely gonna be your favorite.  Why? Your used to it and it works, plus it was the cutest thing ever.  It's also why so many cloth diaper moms feel like instant experts.  They spent the 80's and 90's and 2000's hearing it was complicated compared to sposies.  So when you learn and discover how easy it is and how well it works you feel pretty confident and expert like.  Which is a great feeling for new moms. 

1. They all work if you change them.
2. This does not, should not be as stressful as buying the right car.  This should be like buying a fantastic pair of jeans...all you have to do is pick the one you like best...even if its based on looks alone.

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