Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Frugal DIY Wet Bag (for your diaper bag)

Now there are wet bags on they market in various sizes that you can buy.  Average price for a travel one appears to be $12 - $15 which isn't so bad.  Its more if your ordering and having it shipped of course.  But say your the frugal type who wants to save money.  I know I am.  So whats my on the go wet bag?  Its a Ziploc.

I've always used one of these. I dont even ever remember buying them. My mom does and she tends to send baked goods in them. I wash them out and re-use them in various capacities. For wet diapers they work great. The zippered closer is very sturdy. They are waterproof and they clean up nicely in the sink. Then I turn them inside out and dry on my dish rack. If you want sommething pretty you can make any simple cloth sac out if scraps around the house and place the ziplock bag into it. Its nice to do (and I did a few months back - sorry no tutorial on that but it was before the blog and there are many tutorials on the net of basic cloth bags), but its not really necessary as it goes in the diaper bag (out of sight) anyways.

Now if you were hoping this would be a tutorial for a PUL bag, im sorry to dissapoint. However I just dont see that as being practical. Here's why:
1. You'll spend just as much (or more) buying the PUL and notions as you would buying a small wet bag.
2. When you sew it your gonna get small holes and it wont be waterproof.

Ok, that was a pretty basic post but hopefully it was useful to Moms thinking "why do I need to spend $15 on this"? Its ok, I looked at the pretty bags too, thought "ooh, nice" and then clarity arrived and I decided the same Ziploc brand wet bag I've always used will work just as well, perhaps even better.

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