Thursday, 20 February 2014


I was up and excited today.  Today was the day a friend of mine was driving me out to fabricland to finish buying my fluff.  I think I got some great deals and am happy with what I bought.  In addition my boyfriend gave me a scratch ticket today that won $40!!  This never happens to me.  I rarely win a free ticket.  So that money went with me to fabricland. 

I was enticed by the cute PUL fabrics they now carry till I looked at the price $18/m and remembered why I dont want to sew my own (stitching ccauses holes and sometimes its cheaper to buy premade).  Plus I'm game for taffeta. 

For the inside layer I was going to go with white cotton flannel which was $9/m.  Then I saw this for $2.50/m.  So I will have this nice stripe on the insides.

I saw lots of lovely cotton flannel prints but then there was a rack that was all buy 1 get 2 free. At $12/m that worked out to $4/m. So I got these three. My girls are gonna love the skulls for diapers lol

And lastly some fleece for an outer night wrap. Most of the baby prints were feminine. There was no night time prints such as stars and moons. Then I saw the giraffe print. I love giraffes so that's what I went with I also got thread, Velcro (coloured was on sale, in blue to match), and fresh sewing needles. Its good to change needles with each new project. And now I sit at the laundry mat prewashing all the fluff (including that which was mailed). Im excited. This means once home the sewing can begin!!

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