Monday, 10 February 2014

Keeping it basic - Baby #5 meams a new stash

So my first stash lasted 4 babies with some replacements.  The AIO's did not make it through 4 kids.  Then one day when my youngest was 4 I decided to pass on ALL my baby stuff from diapers to gear.  Hey I thought I was done.  6 months later I was pregnant with number 5.  I couldn't believe I was gonna have to replace the whole entire stash of fluff! Not to mention everything else. 

Luckily people feel you get another shower at this point and my Sister (who should plan parties as a living)  threw me a really fun and yummy T&A baby shower.  T - tits - nursing supplies.  A - ass - cloth diapering supplies. 

Since all the diapers worked I decided to register for Kushies Baby basics.  They are a basic fitted diaper.  They dry easy cuz they are just 2 layers cotton flannel and 2 layers unknown soaker inside the flannel.  They are also less expensive.  That's entirely how I picked: • like it • it works • costs less • dries fast (some more cash saved).  I looked them up for this post...not as cheap as it was 6 years ago. 

Link to kushies basic diaper

I feel this (as simple as it is) was an important note in the journey.  After 4 kids in diapers non stop from one to the next, what was my diaper of choice.   So now you have it.  Does this make it the best ever (after I just recently claimed there was no best?) Nope, so dont go all out and order a stash just cuz I did.  Like I say, what options appeal to you!  Now any 2-4 layer diaper does mean you will be changing every 2-3 pees (about each feeding), they just simply will not soak up more then that.  And guess what; I think that's a good thing.  It forces us in our weakest moments to still change that diaper.   So I give it a "PRO" as it forces us to form good habits we can be proud of. 

**disclaimer: mentioning mostly kushies is just cuz its my story. 

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