Wednesday, 19 February 2014

FLUFF MAIL - the material for my prefold core arrives

So purolator came and delivered my fluff mail.  Tommorow or Friday I go shopping at Fabricland for the rest.  Then its time to start sewing my prefold diapers.

So I ordered bamboo (/cotton) French Terry and Zorb (cotton / bamboo viscose blend). As far as feel and look go Im very happy. 

The bamboo Terry is very soft to the touch.  Its not large raised loops like a towel.  Its a weave that looks like flat oval loops.  I can see how it would be absorbent by how this weave should distribute liquid.  So it will go in top of the Zorb.  I wish I had a camera that was good enough to show this weave. 

The zorb is like a thick felt but soft and not as stiff. Again the fiberous construct of this material will be very absorbant. I for sure will not need more then my choosen 2/4/2 thickness for this prefold with Zorb as my second core layer. Like I said I'm a little hesitent about the process to make Zorb but that's dissapating. I believe I will be very happy with it. Just check out that thickness!

Being able to see a fabric and touch it tells you a great deal. I was unsure which of the two core materials would be on top of the other. Sight and touch made it clear.

I will of course be telling you overtime how I feel about using, washing etc. For one thing they will likely take longer to dry then I had imagined. On the other hand if you change it. It won't leak.

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