Sunday, 9 February 2014

AND THEY ALL WORKED PART 3: Every diaper leaks sometimes - the leaks you will have.

I dont care which diaper you have you will experience a leak! This applies to disposable diapers also.  However dont worry they are pretty rare. 


1. The Explosive Poop.  It happens babies have these explosive poops sometimes and it will leak.

2. The Side Urine Stream : its a boy problem.  Sometimes luck is not with you and and baby's got it pointing to the side of the diaper right at the leg.  Sometimes diaper or cover will stop it from becoming a leak, sometimes it wont.

3. The Huge Grocery Store Line Up:  your stuck in a line or traffic and the diaper change waited a little to long.  It happens. 

4. Your Sweetie Slept All Night: usually you change every feeding (which is every few hours), but she slept all night and didn't wake you up.  Time for more inserts at night or a night wrap.   Again some mornings are just like that.

5. Leak At The Elastic Site:  as mentioned in part 1., the site of the leg elastic tends to get more wet.  Consequently you sometimes get a small leak.  Making sure the diaper wrap covers the diaper completely inside the wraps elastic waist and legs will make this a 1 in 100 situation. (Same for any leak at the leg site).

6. A Bad Luck Moment.  What can.I.say? They happen without explanation.

7. The Diaper Was Not Changed: I mostly blame sposies for this.  Sposies finally became really absorbant and the companies kept increasing that till they made diapers that could last 6-12 hours.  Ok cloth companies are a little to blame also.  Cloth diapers can increasingly hold close  to a full days worth of urine (why?!)  So people came to expect this amazing absorbansy out of a diaper and that expectation leads to leaks based on needed to change the diaper sooner.  Also some people just leave em hanging (ew).  Here's the thing.  Your diaper may well hold 6-8 pees at a time.  That doesn't mean it should.  Its just not hygienic to be sitting in urine like that even if it feels dry.  Old Europe used to dry out swaddling by the fire without washing. Once dry they went back on baby cuz they were dry.  Then docs realized this was unhygienic.  They also learned that the swaddlings created rashes when not thoroughly clean.  Your cloth diapers are the same.  Change regularly regardless of absorbancy for better hygiene and less diaper.rash.  Do the same with sposies. 

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