Monday, 24 February 2014


So after yesterday I woke up today still very excited about my (in the mail) baby leg warmers.   When I had a great thought: knitted baaby leg warmers would be So Cute...except I can't knit.  So I decided d I would make some out of sweater sleeves. 

Now I love my knit sweaters and didn't want to cut them up
  Plus then I wouldn't have sweaters.  So I went to the local mission (I live in the ghetto) where they have free everything including clothes. 

I found three sweaters with knits, colour and feel that I liked.  Also 3 different styles and sizes (toddler, child, adult).  So this tutorial actually shows 3 different (and easy) ways to make upcycled baby leg warmers from sweaters.  Also I did them all long so they will bunch on the legs, and not be grown out of. 

LEG WARMER #1 (Toddler size, hand knit, cuffed wrist and neck hole):
1. Cut straight up from armhole to neck. The wrist will be one cuff. The neck the other cuff.
2. Starting at the base of the wrist cuff sew (with sleeve turmed.inside out) in a solid zigzag in a straight line up to neckline. Now you have a tube See the solid zigzag stitch in the red? 3. Cut off excess material (careful not to cut the stitches). Turn right side out and your done. *note: the finished width is 8.5cm which would be a diameter of 17cm. The length is about 33cm.
LEG WARMER #2: Adult sweater with rib knit cuffs, waist and fold over collar in neck.
1. Cut sleeve straight across at bottom of arm hole. 2 sew in a straight line from base of wrist cuff to top. 3. Cut off excess. 4. Cut 16cm of rib knit collar off. Sew to non cuffed end of leg warmer. *the leg will.stretch more then the cuff while sewing. Use much finger pressure and guidence at Presser foot to prevent stretching. 5. Sew cuff together. Turn tight side out andyour done. LEG WARMER #3 - child sized sweater with no ribbed cuffs:
1. Cut sleeve straight off. 2. Cut off 16cm of a rib knit cuff, waist etc from another sweater. 3. Sew cuff ends together creating a circle. 4. Place sleeve I.side cuff.with raw.edges together. Stitch and turn right side .out So there we go; 3 knit baby leg warmers at zero cost. And regardless of the sweater, there are.ways to make it work. Style 3 is a good way to add colour to a plain coloured sweater/leg warmer. Enjoy.

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