Tuesday, 11 February 2014

OH THE INTERNET :/ PART 1 Preparing For Baby #6

So this is the point where my story begins to catch up to the present.  When baby #5 was 3 yrs old I left the relationship I was in.  I should have long before but ya know it can be a scary step.  Everything that made me afraid to leave happened.  I'm still in shock when I think about how it all went down.  I lost almost every material possession I had, I moved into an apartment in the worst part of town.  My ex somehow got the boys (good suburban home vs ghetto apartment), he was not interested in the girls to their relief but that still hurt.   And yet my girls and I agree that despite all the heartbreak of seeing the boys on weekends only, it was the best decision and our lives are much happier.   Add to that happiness my boyfriend joining our family (and he's adored by the kids), and life is good, just very different and a lot less money but I've been here before.  Then this summer we were suprised to discover that at 38 years old I was pregnant!  Obviously I once again need to replace all the baby gear and build a new diaper stash. 

Well being poor makes the trip to Sears a long long bus ride.  The department store is closed.  I thought "I'll go online"  - Im almost modern like that now lol. 


That internet diaper world is overwhelming!  I couldn't believe all the options.  I knew of many of the brands, I knew the styles, the prices have risen in the past 6 years.  Price hunting was my top priority and somehow I just got so freaking lost!

I had numerous melt downs based on what one did I really want.  What is the best package financially (biggest issue).   I even knew what I didn't want.  I mean really other then cloth moms with a dozen kids I'm kinda at the top end of the experience level when it comes to cloth diapers.  And yet here I was, lost. 

I joined a mommy to be fb group and saw all the fluff mail arriving and I still had not decided what I was gonna do diaper wise.  I found a good sized stash on kijiji and thought I had successfully secured it and then communication stopped cold.  I didn't know what kind but I didn't care.  I just didn't want to be wasting money and garbage on sposies based on not being able to afford the start up of cloth. 

I knew my mom and dad would help out of course but asking your parents for help at almost 40 is a lot harder then asking for help at 20. 

So....back to the internet to find the best ever deals.  Yeah that resulted in sitting on the couch eating chocolate chips from the bag while numbing my brain with Facebook like everytime!  

Add to it my boyfriend (lets call him daddy moss).  He's not a first time parent.   He has raise kids also, just not like me.  Im a homebirths, nursing cloth mama.  His kids mom is a hospital, bottle, sposie diaper mom.  Also I wasn't exactly used to a partner who helped out, spends time with the kids, plays outside etc.  I've done all that myself for all these years.  Daddy moss was not on the cloth train.  My proposal that he buy and use sposies while I buy and use cloth brought him to the cloth side :) Especially after we struck a deal where I'm in charge of laundry and he is in charge of most cleaning.  (This was not diaper related, just what we excel at and enjoy).

Ok so one issue solved but I was still lost about buying diapers.  I was annoyed with the internet.  It was making life difficult.  I felt it should make life easier...we all tell ourselves it does right? 

So I focused on other baby needs for a little bit.  Then winter hit big time and the roads and sidewalks were never properly cleared (still aren't) which makes gettinng out on foot a challenge especially while pregnant.  Well I'm kind of a geek so I decided to research....on the internet :/  Reading this blog so far you may wonder what I felt the need to research? But mostly I decided this cuz it usually makes me feel better (being a geek and all lol).

Notice this said Part 1?  Well this story is to be continued lol. 

It is not all so simple now that we have the internet for everything. 

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