Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Boiling Socks (so you can see how well it works)

So I dont have a baby in diapers for another 61 days (approximately)  so I can't show you how well a boiled diaper turns out yet. 

What I do have however is a boyfriend whose socks never seem to come clean.  All day in Sweaty work boots can do that.  So I took several of his socks today and laundered them by boiling to get them less grey (after who knows how long) and more white. 

Here is a before pic (of supposedly clean socks)

Socks boiling with a little laundry soap. I boiled for 20 min with occasional stirring This is the water drained from the pot so you can see the dirt it got out. These are the socks cooling in the sink post boil. Do this on a fresh stain (as opposed to months of sweaty boot build up) and they would stay white.

So it didn't take long. I'm not worn out and tired (cuz stirring occasionally is no big deal). They came out better then they have these past several months in a washing mashine and I'm pretty happy with the results. If I can just get me 2 big stock pots so I can do a diaper load every other day I'll be happy.

Hmmm....I wonder if I can put that on a baby shower registry?

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