Wednesday, 26 February 2014


So when I decided to make my own diapers I had contemplated a hybrid idea of a prefold with a gathered leg. 

My final decision was to not try something new.  Who was I to think I could re-invent the wheel. 

Well this morning I decided to make my night wraps.  Which I've designed in the less typical manner.  See I know fleece is great at handling night time diapers.  Except I don't like it as a material inside a diaper.  And its not water proof,  its water repellent.   So I made myself a 2/2/2 fleece prefold, to be used between between cotton prefold and a waterproof wrap (like PUL or taffeta). 

And then I thought im gonna try my hybrid idea.  Im gonna put elastic where prefolds wrap around the leg.

So fold like a prefold Place cotton prefold diaper inside. Do up diaper and fleece, stretching fleece over diaper.

Then put your wrap over top. Might sound bulky but its not. Its only 4/6/4.

Then I thought well I'll try it with the remaining prefolds left to sew. If I dont like it I can pick the threads and the elastic will let go. If I love it I can get some covered elastic and add it to the prefolds that dont have the gathered leg. I dont know if others are doing this. I was told there is a similar concept on YouTube. There is, its kinda cool, lil different, little more involved. Mine is more basic.

I'd love feedback on this. And I will totally be giving feedback after baby is born. Plus a post on either letting elastic go or adding it.

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