Monday, 17 February 2014

DIAPER PAILS & WET BAGS - time to use some common sense in todays crazy world of sensless marketing

Do not use a wet pail meathod.  Leaving diapers in a wet pail of water and vinegar  is bad for the fabric.  Alright,  now that we have answered that, lets move on.

My advice is different then all the current advice and ads I have seen on the internet.  In fact I think everyone has gone a little crazy. 

After 18 years and 5 kids (soon to be 6) I have Learned that storing dirty diapers can be done in exactly the same way my mom did it for my siblings and I.  And its cheap and simple.

• plastic diaper pail with lid for diapers and diaper liners
• small wet bag for covers that are not able to go in regular laundry (such as PUL or wool)
*this is simply to avoid sorting while doing the laundry so really its more of a suggestion then a need.

• liners of any type for your diaper pail.
•massive wet bags for 4-5 days worth of laundry
•deoderizers for your pail.

1. You dont need to line your pail cuz you should rinse it out each time you do laundry anyways.  It keeps it fresh and clean.  If you do line your pail with a wet bag whats your plan while washing the wet bag? If you use a disposable pail liner fine, but no one did this prior to the diaper genie.  We just quickly cleaned our pail.  So its a waste of money in my opinion.  And seriously a rinse of hot water and drop of vinegar with a rag takes like 2 minutes and is hygienic.  Even with a liner I'd hope you rinse the pail now and then.

2. You do not need anything that holds more then 2-3 days worth of diapers (unless you have more then one child in diapers) because letting it sit more then 3 days is nasty and a good way to get ammonia build up in your diapers.

3. You dont need deoderizers if you do your laundry regularly and rinse out your pail.  Dont believe me? Do you use one in your wet bag?  Yeah didn't think so.  Just put the lid on the pail. 

1. Through disposable diaper liner with poop in toliet and flush or (if not using disposable liner) rinse off poop and flush
2. Put cloth liners in diaper pail.
3. Close Velcro on diapers (if your diapers use Velcro), this makes the Velcro last longer and means you dont have to do it at laundry time
4. Put diaper in pail and close lid.
5. Put diaper cover in wetbag. (If it can't be laundered with diapers).
6. On laundry day just dump into laundry (if you followed all above steps)
7. Rinse pail with water and vinegar using an old rag.  Put rag in pail. 

this very simple basic pail.  My mom had one just like it too. It holds one load of diapers (2-3 days). 

I've heard my beloved favorite diaper pail is next to impossible to find now adays because everyone has bought into these rridiculous ideas that they need to spend money on a bunch of special crap. Yes *Crap* that's what I think of all the modern diaper storage items! And if it means the only way to find a basic diaper pail is on eBay then I just might rant about it. If shipping means more cost then I'll be looking for a similar sized plastic lidded pail, likely a plastic kitchen garbage can with lid. And it wont cost me much to buy one of those. Wanna know how much I spent buying the above diaper pail last time? $12. And I had a fresh smelling house. How? Cuz I put the lid on the pail all the time and cuz I cleaned my diapers and my pail regularly. Its just common sense and good hygiene.

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