Tuesday, 11 February 2014

OH THE INTERNET PART 2. This isnt working.

So back to the internet with a research mind instead of a shopping mind.  I discovered two things.

1. This is not research
2. The cost is going to be to much

Yeah those are pretty frustrating realizations. 

First off why do I claim it's not research? Well the experts have anywhere from zero experience (fluff bought but still pregnant)  to several months.  Yes there are more experienced diaper moms on the net, its hard to find them though when sorting through hundreds of optionns on Google.   Also the info was not research.  It was shopping info.  "This diaper is the best cuz I bought it and loved it".  That's fair cuz like I said, they all work if you change them.  I think I wanted to know what people liked and disliked one brand over the other.  Also I discounted everything that claimed a diaper leaked all the time: change it or learn how to use it...something.  

Ok, that may sound harsh but here's the deal.  When the at home science starts showing things like which cloth diaper holds 1 cup of water vs which one only holds 1/2 cup of water...we're all in trouble.  Why?  No diaper needs to hold 1/2 cup of water unless you plan on having your kid pee in the diaper 8 times before you change it! 

It also became increasingly obvious that I could not afford to buy them.  Luckily I had just gone through this melt down over diaper bags and solved it by making my own. 

Solution : make my own diapers.  Still I was facing a decision on what to make with a mind that felt broken from online cloth diaper info.  I was gonna need to change course.  I needed to sort out:
1. What do I know about using cloth
2.  What was the construction of various cloth I have used in the past.
3. Fabric, what I know, dont know, need to know.
4. What do I most want in a diaper.  5.  Some real research.
This list took a few days.  At first I was blindly Googling and thought I was gonna go crazy again. 

Pic.of diaper bag I made.

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