Friday, 21 February 2014


Now that all the fluff materials has arrived, been purchased and prewashed; its time to make my diapers :) ok well the baby's diapers.  These prefolds will have a finished size of 12.4 x 15 inches aand be a 2/4/2 diaper.  Don't be worried that a 2/4/2 wont be sufficient.   It is.  And with these fabric choices it will be absorbent.

•2 outer layers (I used cotton flannel).  Each piece 13.6 in x 16.4
• 2 core layers (I used bamboo French Terry and zorb). Each piece 5 x 15
• Velcro 15cm. 
Once all your pieces are cut its time to prep and sew.
• Outside layer

Outer core layer (zorb) Second core layer (Terry, weave side up) Fold seam allowence (seam allowence is 5/8 in) of flannel over top and bottom of core. Fold seam allowence of top (flannel) layer over and match up ontop of all the other layers. Pin. Fold and pin seam allowences of sides. Iron.

First change the needle in the sewing machine to a quilting or universal needle. Changing the needle at the start of each project gives a smoother stitch. Clean out bobbin run. Doing this often is a good plan. Tiny thread bits will cause major problems, prevention makes the job more smooth. Set machine dials to zigzag on widest and longest stitch. Opting for zigzag will make the job easier. If any seam is a little off, the zigzag will catch both edges. Many prefolds are edged with a zigzag. I've opted to hem instead because of how badly flannel frays. Zigzag stitches are also good for materials that fray easily. Feel the core inside? Use the feel as your guide. Line the edge up with Presser foot and zigzag down length of diaper, sewing through the core edge. Do this on both aides of core. Zigzag around the entire outside edge of diaper.

Open up Velcro and place 10cm of loop (fuzzy) side on the bottom-middle of the outside of diaper. Zigzag in place. Cut (2) 5cm pieces of hook (rough) side of Velcro and (2) 2.5cm of loop side of Velcro. Place one of each (hook side at outer edge) in the top outer edges of inside of diaper. Zigzag stitch and your done. AND NOW:

That extra piece of loop Velcro on inside of diaper allows you to fold over hook side of Velcro at wash time. This makes it last longer.

Fold bottom edges on an angle Place any inserts (doubler, liner) down centre, over core. Fold diaper up Do Velcro up. And your done! Well now you might want to wwash and dry a few times to make them quilt (Bunch) up.