Monday, 10 February 2014

Poop Goes In The Toilet (disposable liners).

So the one thing that people are convinced makes disposable diapers easier them cloth diapers is cleaning up poop.


By law poop does not go in the garbage.  If you carefully read disposable diaper packaging it will tell you that poop goes in the toilet.   So one way or another it has to come off the diaper at the end of a diaper change.  Cuz it also does not go in your laundry! 1. Because that's gross. 2. You will find tiny poop chunks in your not so clean laundry.  3. It can wreck the washing machine. 

So to get it off you need to:

A. Dunk cloth liner and swish off in toilet. 

B. If you are using a pocket diaper or no liner dunk the diaper and swish off in toilet.  Then wring out thoroughly cuz you should use a dry diaper pail or bag. 

C.  Pick up disposable liner and flush down toilet.  Designed to be used in sposies also. 

D. Flick that sposie over the toilet hoping it unsticks so you can flush it. 

Lesson:  Buy disposable liners for.poop disposable even with disposable diapers.  They are biodegradable (unlike sposies) . They are easy. 

SPOUSE HINT: if dad doesn't want to use cloth this will be his reason.  Compromise with him: You buy and use cloth.  He buys and uses sposies.  Make sure he understands he also needs to dispose of poop in a law abiding manner.  In the end he will likely switch.  If you and your spouse are good humoured even about money make a wager and let him buy in to your cloth diaper use for 1/2 your up front cost ...still cheaper then buying sposies. And yeah just buy which ever gives you the best deal. I dont have a favorite liner, I just appreciated that I have them.   ;)

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