Sunday, 9 February 2014

Why Another Cloth Diaper Site?

Im a Lakota / Cajun mom who wwas adopted and grew up in SE.Ontario.  I was adopted to a British mom who cloth diapered and when my oldest baby was born (April 1996 - almost 18 years ago) I also cloth diapered.  Now with baby #6 due this April (2014) I will be continuing to cloth diaper as I always have. 

So why write about it? Well now that everyone uses the internet for everything there is a lot of info out there (I've discovered)  and its hard to sort through.  Its also hard to know which info to use (as some experts may have been doing this for mere months).  So I figure my 18 years of experience and practical approach to life (along with my geek tendencies that love research and history) just might be useful. Plus unlike many of today's new moms I not only have my own experience but that of my mom and grandma's who all cloth.diapered also (sposies weren't so great in the 40's or the 70's).
I will tell of my cloth diaper journey (18 years and counting), share my knowledge, explain issues, terms, diaper types, laundry, pails and more long with my new journey into making my own cloth diapers (My mom and I are excited about this and should be done this month ...we think).  I hope to finish up in the next 10 weeks before baby arrives so from there I can update as life with baby #6 moves along.  I am a seamstress so yes I will share some sewing of other things along the way.
Will I sell the diapers I make? I dunno.  I will share how to make your own complete stash for under $100 though. 
Oh any why "Mama Moss"? Easy, im a Lakota / Cajun mom (like.I said), my boyfriend is Cree and long ago moss bags are how we diapered.  Yes I do have a moss bag (one made for each of my 6 babes), and no I've never used it as a diapering system.  I use it as a baby carrier (its other purpose)...maybe it would be neat to test out..maybe.  swaddling wraps might be interesting to test to but Im not gonna lol. 
So I hope you'll enjoy the stories and the info as I get them posted.  By April I will have shared everything I know - promise. 

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