Thursday, 27 February 2014

Diaper Creams & Cloth Diapers

So one of the things you will receive as a shower gift (or have purchased yourself) is diaper cream to protect or heal diaper rash.  And the two best out there are thick, creamy diaper absorbency destroyers.   And your wondering what on earth are you supposed to do? Protect that little bum with cream or with absorbent diapers.  And why can't life just be easy enough to let you do both? 

Well actually you can.  Remember me mentioning disposable diaper liners that are flushable, biodegradable and make cleaning poop into the toliet so simple?  Yeah well they also protect your fluff from diaper cream.  So...

Solution #1: use a disposable diaper liner. 

And of course there is...

Solution #2: dont use cream. 

Ok dont worry, most of the time your cloth baby won't need cream cuz a healthy, natural, clean cloth diaper that is changed and laundered often wont lead to diaper rash.  However foods, teeth etc will lead to a rash on occasion.   So return to solution #1: disposable liners.  *of course there are diaper rash treatments that are cloth friendly and they will be covered later, this is about creams.  The cloth safe items are usually oils.  Also I haven't used them and I am skeptical as natural oils are one of the we remove when prepping cloth diapers to increase absorbency. 

Why?  I always wonder this so I will assume others are likewise curious
  The creams are designed as a wetness barrier for babies skin.  Of course as it builds up in the diaper it becomes a wetness barrier for your diaper.  This isn't so great as you need that diaper sucking up wetness not lettinng it roll off. 

If your diapers are starting to be less absorbent and you've been using cream, this is why.  Having made this rookie mistake myself years ago I can tell you that you van see the white build up on your white diaper.  Or more likely your cloth liners.  They will need to be stripped.  Since for me it was just liners, I replaced them. 

Ever since I make sure to use the disposable liners.  I still use cotton ones for absorbency but over those is my poop catching diaper build up saving disposable liner.  They are worth the money.  Actually they are worth more then the money (the are very affordable) . 

So keep your fluff fluffy and not weighed down with cream build up. See, the fix was simple and you can still have your cake and eat i it too.   

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